My Redemption Song.

I loved God. I loved him deeply, and and Honestly. I loved him in Faith.. But not fully. My love was quite shallow. Flawed. Selfish. My love wasn’t what his heart needed it to be. I was spiritually vulnerable. Uncertain of the depths of certain truths. Prideful. Careless. Wise- but not totally free of the… Continue reading My Redemption Song.

Matchlessly Loved.

I know it’s easy to sometimes feel lonely and unloved. You may feel rejected. Unappreciated. Worthless. Ashamed. Sad. Guilty. Battered. Bruised, and broken beyond repair. You may even feel unwanted, and ugly, but I want you to know right now that I Love You beyond measure. My Love for you is inexplicable and cannot be… Continue reading Matchlessly Loved.